Artist info

  • Biography : Sandro Peggion aka SundsX
  • always passionate about technology and electronics applied to sound engineering.

    Experiences as a Sound Technician (sound engineer). experiments in the field with the knowledge acquired from specific studies as a sound engineer for Gigi proietti's 3 13 33 theater company working with all the actors of his theater school. The tours in which I took part as a sound engineer (main) are:
    • 1992: Cose di Casa by Paola Tiziana Cruciani (director) Teatro Parioli
    • 1993, 1994 - A mi gli occhi please, directed by Gigi Proietti - Tenda Clodio
    • 1994, 1995 - National tour with Brignano
    • 1996, 1997 - Mezzefigure, directed by Gigi Proietti - Parioli Theater
    • 1998, 2202 - Mammamia what an impression, Milk and its derivatives, and other performances in Roman theaters
    Experiences as a Music Producer:
    Influenced by the electronic sounds of Gino Soccio, Marc Cerrone but mainly Giorgio Moroder.

    Technological background:
    beginning in the year 2000 With Atari; 2006 switches to Cubase 4, coming from the old versions, and collaborates with the "Victor Mama Studio" for the production of house tracks; under the influence of Chicago house garage groove;

    From 2006 to 2008 he collaborated on the production of several "unlabeled" house tracks intended for the dance floor.

    In 2006 he began his career as a DJ, motivated by the need to present musical tracks with a different styles from that which characterized the sound of DJs at the time.

    His artistic imprint has always been based on quality over quantity: preferring, to perform, venues frequented by connoisseurs of good music.
    The sound that characterizes it is the inevitable presence of real instruments and great voices from the house world.

    The experiences listed above have given valuable know-how to quickly understand the "artistic mood" of the patrons and the profound knowledge of technological means. Performance venues:

    • Open Gate
    • Magazzini 33
    • Neo Club
    • LA Villa
    • Circolo Poligrafico
    • Room 26 Apertura
    • Foody Music Estate Romana
    • Il Locale Vicolo del fico, 3
    • Villa Giulia Pool Party - Barberini sound
    • Coda di Gallo
    • Aloha Beach Bar - (Praia do Frances Brasil) Red Bull event