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Stefano Guerra

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  • Biography : STEFANO GUERRA
  • I started composing electronic music in the 80's, with an ancient Atari 1024 running on a simple floppy disk. From there the passion never went out. The first RAVE Parties with Max Org in Rome, to support the evenings of great personalities such as Lory D, Joey Beltram, Giancarlino, then the evenings with those of Radio Centro Suono, Luca Cucchetti, Bismark, the incredible working nights in discos or warehouses, with thousands of people in total delirium. Tekno music was the first passion, on the emotional wave of the revolutionary sounds coming from Detroit.

    My legendary studio The Order, a rehearsal room for groups of all kinds, the fulcrum of a real passionate local movement, which gave the name to my first group, with Vittorio Cafaro, Sandro Leone and the late D-Rad (Stefano Facchielli). Many evenings playing with avant-garde analogy equipment for those times. Juno 106, Emulator, Roland Jd 800, Yamaha M1, Roland 909, 808, TB 303, Akai S1100 samplers and many other analog devices that allowed me to develop a thousand creative ideas for years. Then the start of the record production activities, with the first album of 1992, Underground Rythmic Project with Male Production, the same of many raves where The Order performed in memorable live sets.

    Then from there the Irma Records with Marco Moreggia, the Underground Music Movement and then the meeting with Luis Radio and Maurizio Clemente. A period of great production and creative commitment, which with Luis Radio has never ended.
    Today the great work with his friend Luis and this incredible partnership is realized with a thriving production of music ranging from Electro House to Soulful, passing through a Deep House with ever refined tones and inclined to the sounds of this extraordinary DJ who is also and above all my great source of artistic inspiration. Labels such as Makin Moves, DjSpen's Quantize records, No Fuss Records, in short, a fervent musical journey always morbidly linked to purely house sounds.